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Infinity Fasteners was founded as a fastener manufacturer specializing in high temperature stainless and non ferrous alloys. Since our inception in 1990 there have been major changes in the industrial market place. This required a new breed of fastener manufacturer, one who is flexible, dynamic and integrated with their customerís needs. Infinity Fasteners has embraced this challenge and understands that this is the key to our success.

In the early 1990ís we saw our customers working to reduce their fastener manufacturer base. Infinity Fasteners was quick to respond, and we expanded the product lines we carried to include carbon and alloy steel items. But we didnít stop there. We moved forward with special packaging and labeling. We offered to put together assemblies and kits, and in doing so, our customers were not only able to reduce their fastener manufacturer base but also the number of line items they purchased and inventoried.

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